Divine Services


Sunday Divine Services
Orthros: 8:00am
Divine Liturgy: 9:30am

Weekday Divine Liturgies
8:00 am (check the monthly Church Calendar for dates)



6:00pm please check Church calendar for exact dates


Holy Week Services (Dates vary by Year)

Saturday of Lazarus 8:00 am Liturgy Palm Sunday 9:00am Liturgy


Palm Sunday Evening Service of the Bridegroom  6:00 pm

Holy Monday Morning Presanctified Liturgy  8:30am

Holy Monday Evening  Service of the Nymphios  6:00 pm

Holy Tuesday Morning Presanctified Liturgy 8:30am

Holy Tuesday Evening Service of the Nymphios  6:00 pm

Holy Wednesday Morning Presanctified Liturgy  8:30 am

Holy Wednesday Afternoon Sacrament of Holy Unction  2:30 pm

Holy Wednesday Evening  Orthros for Holy Thursday 6:00 pm

Holy Thursday Morning  Vesperal Liturgy of St. Basil the Great 8:30 am

Holy Thursday Evening  Twelve Passion Gospels 6:00 pm

Holy Friday Morning  The Royal Hours of Crucifixion 6:30 am

Holy Friday Afternoon  Vespers of the Apokathelosis  2:30 pm

Holy Friday Evening  Service of the Lamentations 6:30 pm

Holy Saturday Morning Vesperal Liturgy of St. Basil the Great 8:30 am

Holy Saturday Evening Canon of the Resurrection 11:00pm,
The Resurrection Orthros & Divine Liturgy Midnight, followed by fellowship in Hall.
*Please remain for the entire Divine Liturgy

HOLY PASCHA SUNDAY The Agape Vespers 10:30 am



August 14th: Parish Feast Day Vespers 6:30 pm
Procession outside with the Holy Kouvouklion and Epitaphios of the Theotokos
Reception following in the Great Hall by our Ladies Philoptochos Society.
August 15th
Orthros 8:00 am, Divine Liturgy 9:00am
Blessing of the Five Loaves (Artoclasia), Reception in the Great Hall

Our Faith

The Sacraments
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